The Poop dollar. Just typing those words makes me laugh. There isn’t much in this world thats funnier than watching a video of some happy civilian picking up a dollar bill, unaware that the other side of it will be stained with fecal matter. Arguably the funniest part of the prank is the yelling of “POOOOP DOLLAAAA” after the random idiot picks up the poop dollar. At that point eye contact is made with the civilian and his fingernails will smell like your shit until he walks down the street into a Burger King to wash his hands twice. And lets not forget to mention the last funny part of the prank, what does the victim do with the dollar? Im honestly not sure, but no matter what its still hilarious. Is the Poop Dollar the best prank ever?

After conducting research on all pranks I can find on youtube, I have narrowed “the best prank ever” down to 3 pranks. Obviously, the poop dollar, catfishing your friends, and running people over with golf carts.

Catfishing your friend is only going to be funny to you and your other friends. No one else will think it’s very funny, but thats not what a prank is about. Thats why Joey Salads dresses up like a women sometimes or offers people “free drugs” or anything else not funny that he does. Joey if you are reading this, I will prank the shit out of you. You have no idea. Anyways, if you can pull off catfishing your friends, you are a genius, and it will be hilarious when you get to see a side of your friend that you never wanted to see.

I don’t need to explain running people over with golf carts much, because if you don’t think thats funny I want you to leave this website immediately. You know its a great prank if things like this can happen.

Seeing that happen would be less funny than a Poop Dollar, so I declare the Poop Dollar the best prank ever. Its official.