Most people might think the best pick-up is “Hi, my name is [your name], but you can call me tonight”, but they are absolutely wrong. If I had to guess, that pick-up line works less than 26% of the time. Mine however, works over 99% of the time. I have spent the past four years formulating a perfect sentence to get you laid. That sentence is, “Hey, remember when we had sex tomorrow?” The line does not come off too strong, but maintains the element of surprise.  Now that you know the secret words of success, let’s get into how to use this bad boy.

First step to this is finding a friendly woman that is approachable. If she is a total bitch then you have already failed. Also, your chances go up as the number on the attractiveness scale go down. To maximize the success of the outcome, use your best judgement to find a girl with the an IQ in the range of 75 to 100. Not too dumb to understand the question and not too smart to say no. Once you have picked out the perfect target that is ready to be wooed, you must smoothly make your way in front of her. You can’t just whip the question out like you will be doing later with you genitalia. You must start a simple conversation about whatever you would like to talk about. Once you have been mingling for about three minutes, it is time to propose the question. This could catch some girls by surprise so be prepared for some wacky reactions. Keep in mind that this is the best pick-up line ever and can be used in any given situation. You can use this for almost anything that you desire. For example, “remember when you gave me that job right now?” I hope this got you laid big time.